the snake

par d i v, samedi 16 juin 2018, 15:53 (il y a 246 jours)

What we would not do for some love, so close to the world, off the wall and back

you sitck out your tongue, you swallow a breath

or is pain after the effort, a small crack?

You with your body probes, I don't know, I know, I never knew

where were the walls behind all those doors?

I look at the road above your shoulders.

I like your feet to walk all over me

your big tail off

to reverse roles, to see some of the other dying

What we would not do for some love

I let the sun melt on wasted flowers

that your robes perhaps embrace

you know the blue dress

that night murders

morning, when the bodies are tired

we always applaud

Higher darkness to light

when you walk in front of me

there are dark stones

the palace destroyed, forced to break

bending your head you draw a forest

to lose with me entwined

the neck is a wonderful place

to break the kisses

you look so beautiful

wasteland on the edge of your lips

to bite your skin until it bleeds

impossible dreams

the little box and it's porcelain casket

to believe that the cliffs

are the brand of your teeth

put anywhere

the insect drinks day and night

our pain

small animal on the back to wait

ready for lightening

we will make the world, that's it

make the world a few seconds

then goes the white hankerchief

lying on your back looks like

a black butterfly when he is away

What we would not do for some love

I want to write more

even anger in our bellies

it's difficult to follow

to write more against your body

but my mouth is dead

I just made love with a man

the snake

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