par dh, dimanche 28 mai 2017, 15:55 (il y a 478 jours)

internet is my psychoanalist. two years ago i learnt on facebook the death of mike XXXX, a guitar teacher i had in the years 90-91. he died from a cancer of the bones, very suddently. i did not see him anymore for at least 15 years, but sometimes listened to the two records he did and also exchanged short mails with him.i would like to write a short novel about him, and my relation with him as a student, though i was probably one of the worst student he ever had. i intend to do a lot of unnessessary digressions about various subjects in the tradition of my dear montaigne and let what freud called "free associations" do the work of organizing and give a sens to these unlinked and sometimes miserable thoughs. i will use the english langage, though i dont know it well, as a volontary accepted constraint. at least i have a goal. the idea of achiving a goal (with or without suffering does not matter) is still not dead. i still emit some more or less sensed words and toughs, rather that unarticulated insect sounds like gregoire samsa. alleluhia.

during the interval between the two world wars, andré breton, the pope of french surrealism said in his manifesto for a new and authentic surrealism that the most adequat and admirable surrealist work of art would be to go down in the street, with a gun in his hand, and then shot randomely in the passing people. he did not precise if one must keep a bullet to suicid onself after. // after the twin towers drama, great composer and supra intellectual karlheinz stockhausen declared that the terrorist attack of the twin towers was : "the greatest masterpiece in all the story of humanity". // more recently, kenneth goldsmith, who is more or less to poetry what jeff koons is for plastic arts, used the legist medical rapport of a young black man killed and emasculated by police forces as a text material for one of his great performing act, which the more educated and advanced critics saluted as great objectivist poetry. //

enough for today. to be continued.

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