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in his short autobiography, which is the only book he wrote, fritz zorn makes the conjecture that the cancer he developped, and that would finaly kill him, is nothing else than a psycho somatic consequence of the congenital hatred he has for his family, his country, himself, and finaly the whole universe. he even says somewhere, if i remember well, that his cancer is the olny work he has managed to achieve in his existence. perhaps could we make the hypothesis that mike's cancer of the bones was, in the same order if idea, a consequence of his deep cold hatred against the musical industry, the producers and managers he dealt with, the music critics, and all the people that make profits with music without doing it themselves. to say the truth, mike hated nearly everybody in the modern world, at the exeption of his wife and daughter, and some very few musician friends who shared his ideas about music, art and life. he particularly hated the other guitar teacher of the jazz school, françois XXXX, which he considered as "an honnest and meritant technician of the musical thing" but certainly not as an artist worthy of the name.

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