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during the interval between the two world wars, andré breton, the pope of french surrealism said in his manifesto for a new and authentic surrealism that the most adequat and admirable surrealist work of art would be to go down in the street, with a gun in his hand, and then shot randomly in the passing people. after the twin towers drama, great composer and supra intellectual karlheinz stockhausen declared that the terrorist attack of the twin towers was : "the greatest masterpiece in all the story of humanity". more recently, kenneth goldsmith, who is more or less to poetry what jeff koons is for plastic arts, used the legist medical rapport of a young black man killed and emasculated by police forces as a text material for one of his performing action, which the more educated and advanced art critics saluted as great objectivist poetry.

at the light of these few chosen exemples one can see how mike was offset from the post modern doxology in force in the field of modern art critic. most students at the the jazz school did not like his music, calling it boring, not exciting. the god to worship at the school was charlie parker. you had to know what he played, what he said, and the story of his life. somenone who could not play the music of parker was considered as an under-musician. mike often moked this idolatry, saying it has no sens to still play this music today. he quickly saw i could never , and was not made, to become a professionnal musician. but rather than telling it clearly to me, he wanted me to understand and to admit it by myslef. i must confess i came to loathe him at a moment, because he never did the slightest adjusting in his teaching to adapt my very low level. he thought it was up to me to adapt. the climate during the lessons became more and more loaded with frustration and despair for me, impatience then indifference for him. one important detail : i paid all the lessons for the second years in advance. so the message was clear : if my teaching style does not please you, just leave the room and never comme back, i dont care. one advice to the young novice guitar player who wants to take a teacher. dont pay several lessons in advance : he will not respect you. at the end of my third year of study at the jazz school i recieved a letter simply telling : "insufficient level on the instrument to follow the next year of the cursus".

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