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mike suffered from the lack of recognition he had, and from the fact he had to give lessons to people like me, to gain enough money to live well. being himself a perfect autodidact, he was not interested in teaching activities and thought his music spoke for itself and need no explanations. his guitar men were jim hall, holdsworth, frisell amongst others. he was a fan of the beatles, the beach boys, from which he did beautiful transcriptions for solo guitare. when i meet him, his material situation was rather good, but he seemed to believe that the relative comfort he finished to obtain happened too late in his life, like schopenauher did, because he was getting old. one day during a lesson, as we heard a particularly winded version of "blue bossa" played by students coming from the neighbour repetition studio, he said : "when i hear this music i want to shoot a bullet in my head."

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